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AcroPano Panorama Creator

AcroPano Panorama Creator automatically stitches your photos into panorama within a few mouse clicks
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8 August 2011

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This is a software tool that can help create panoramas of landscape, cityscapes or what have you.

AcroPano Panorama Creator automatically stitches your photos into a panorama with a few mouse clicks. You can have complete manual control of the process, if you wanted. It would be possible to fully control the final result. In the basic automatic mode the program chooses the stitching points and combines the digital photos into a large panorama. Interestingly, you can create a vertical panorama too. What that can give you is really attractive shots of a very tall skyscraper, for example. If you are looking for a complete creative control, you can manually control the points where the stitching needs to happen. The associated photos are then combined in the desired order and a panoramic view created. The panoramic views could be in one of JPEG (JPG), BMP, TIFF (TIF), PNG or TGA formats.

The application offers three kinds of panorama creation. These include the horizontal panorama, 360 degree panorama and the vertical panorama modes. In the horizontal panoramic mode you get the classic horizontal panorama. This suits those majestic horizontal landscapes. The 360 degree mode creates a cylindrical view around a central point. The 360 degree panoramas can convey the beauty of a complete mountain range, a dense forest or your own picket fences surrounding your house. True skyscrapers, towering trees or cascading waterfalls could be captured in the vertical mode. The interface is truly very pleasing, quite a rare one to evoke this emotion. It is intuitive and simple to use. The preview area is the main part of the interface with very few controls. This is a great tool.

Publisher's description

AcroPano Panorama Creator automatically stitches your photos into panorama within a few mouse clicks, at the same time provides full manual control, you can fully control over the final result. Version 2.1.3 revises the bug of previous version.
Key features:
1. Intelligent photo organizing: Automatically organizes associated photos in the right order.
2. Automatic photo stitching: Programmatically creates panoramas in just a few mouse clicks.
3. Advanced mode: Manually control stitching points on associated photos.
4. Supported output formats and sizes: Export Panoramas in JPEG (JPG), BMP, TIFF (TIF), PNG or TGA format with different image quality.
5. Multiple styles: AcroPano offers three panorama modes to suit well for presenting wide-angle view of vast landscapes, city skylines, a range of mountains, or cascading waterfalls, etc.
AcroPano Offers three Modes for stitching:
1. Horizontal Panorama: Stitches multiple horizontal photos of a view into a single wide panorama. Great for wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, vast landscapes, city skylines.
2. 360 degree Panorama: Creates a 360 degree cylindrical panorama. Stitching in 360 degree puts you right in the middle with all you're surrounded by. Great for a range of mountains, a forest of trees or the fence in your own backyard.
3. Vertical Panorama: Stitches multiple vertical photos of a view into a single wide panorama. Great for snapping a full picture of soaring skyscrapers, towering trees, and cascading waterfalls.
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AcroPano Panorama Creator
AcroPano Panorama Creator
Version 2.1.3
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Thumbs up! Easy to use, not free, but it works so well to me.
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